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    IPTV Hospitality

    What is IPTV and why IPTV hospitality important for hotels and Hospitality industry.

    IPTV is an internet protocol TV used for delivering the content through the internet instead of traditional radio frequency or satellite. CMT is one of the leading IPTV hospitality system providers in the middle east. 

                                                                  Importance of Hospitality IPTV in the hotel industry.

    After the world moved out from pandemic, more than twenty-five million people visited Dubai, and that number is growing every day. Guests are looking for hotels that offer top-notch food and entertainment services. Guests want to experience the things they have never had before regarding entertainment, and its your responsibility to provide them with a unique experience.



    We provide innovative, easy to install and highly advance technology in our IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) Solution. Our IPTV brings advanced level of control and flexibility to TV distribution. We provide end-to-end IPTV solutions for hotels, Educational Institutions, hospitals, and corporate buildings. CMT Technologies provide a full hardware and middleware IPTV solution that totally fits our customer’s needs through IPTV hospitality.

    IPTV hospitality


    Why IPTV is an essential need for hotels & Hospitality

    There are too many reasons for the hotel to adopt the IPTV technology one of the major reasons is guests want something different in their room they want more entertainment and joy while staying in the hotel another reason is they want to fulfil their needs immediately while watching the TV IPTV hospitality allow them to watch their favourite out show news channels sports channels and video on demand guest’s also want to use their room tv for online shopping online food ordering etc. IPTV allow them to perform the task immediately what their needs.

    A few other benefits of Hospitality IPTV

    Brand value 

    IPTV will allow you to make a strong and long-lasting relationship with your guests and provide them with a diverse and unique experience they have never had before.



    Unique TV feature will enable them to use the most advanced feature of in-room dining with your room TV

    Effectiveness and efficiency.

    The effectiveness enables them to watch their favorite show News channels sports channels and a lot more.

    Comfort functionality

    You can easily integrate it with room controls such as lightning air conditioning 

    Online Shopping

    The other online shopping and E-commerce features will make their online shopping easier.

    Online food ordering

    Guests can  utilize the online dining feature for food menu and order while watching the TV 

    User interface

    IPTV User interface

    Feature and user interface.

    The feature and user interface of IPTV hospitality is easy to use and easy to navigate guests can access the widest feature of the IPTV including weather information, music flight information food menu, TV channels, online catalogue room controls, local maps, and a lot more things guests can access them from remote.

    Content streaming.

    Our solution allows customers to watch and enjoy the content through their IOS and android devices the hotel in-room TV system seamlessly the guests to have the choice they can watch the content through screen mirroring or content streaming. 

    Guests can access the room information with their mobile anywhere in the hotel including VOD live TV and, they can access the multiple features during their stay Guests will enjoy the whole their holidays moment while staying in the room or anywhere in the hotel.

    CMT Technologies IPTV hospitality solution is a perfect choice to fulfil the guest’s needs

    In the technological advancement era, guests want something different and attractive so they can fully enjoy their holidays and vacation season, trip CMT Technologies is offering IPTV solutions to hotels resorts, villas, and hospitals hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is booming day by day after moving out of the pandemic situation this is the perfect time for the hospitality sector to adopt the IPTV solution for a better guest experience.


    CMT Middleware




                   Importance of IPTV middleware.

    Our IPTV Middleware software has been designed to be widely customizable to meet the exact requirements of a variety of customers. Software that brings together Live TV streaming, Camera surveillance, and mobile streaming under one compact roof.

    By using the IPTV Middleware system, you can keep full control of your multi-device IPTV services without the need for IT staff or server experts. A central management console lets you manage multiple IPTV services from one place. 




    Hotel IPTV system

    Hotel IPTV Hospitality IPTV

    Hotel IPTV system is especially an entertainment service medium made for a wide range of sectors including hotels, resorts, health care and guests will enjoy the difference of way entertaining while staying in your hotels and guests can make their holiday vacation moments more captivating and wonderful. 

    The hotel tv system is customized and easy to deploy for those who are wanting to provide a wonderful experience to their customers.

    Features of Hotel IPTV system.

    Beautiful welcome message

    Customized user interface

    TV message

    Video demand

    HD YouTube services 

    WHY CMT Technologies IPTV hospitality

    CMT technologies is a leading IPTV hospitality system provider in the middle east CMT Technologies already has delivered a bunch of projects to their hospitality industry clients with fiver star feedback. Our customers are satisfied with our services their revenue increase up to 40% after adopting our IPTV solutions. Previous hotel industry clients are retaining guests successfully their customers and raised their brand awareness through their previous guests. 




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