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Content Watermarking Solutions

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Content Watermarking Solutions

Content Watermarking

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Content watermarking Services

Music, film and video piracy is a multi-billion dollar problem that undermines the growth of new models for offering entertainment to consumers and harms all participants in the global entertainment industry. Modern digital formats employed for sale or rental of commercial audio and video content to consumers-such as DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, and iTunes-incorporate content protection technologies that control access to and use of the content and limit its unauthorized copying and redistribution. Parties seeking to engage in unauthorized distribution and copying of protected commercial music or video content must circumvent the content protection to obtain a decrypted copy of the content. Once a decrypted copy of the content is obtained, the content protection technology is no longer effective at governing access to it and the decrypted content may be subject to unlimited use, copying, and redistribution.
Activated Content provides a robust, flexible and secure watermarking technology that embraces the new digital information age as well as established analog technologies.
After reviewing the inadequacies of existing watermarking techniques, Activated Content‘s research team began its development with a fresh perspective. They integrated fundamental audio engineering principles with psycho-acoustic compression technology in a manner that had not previously been contemplated.
The result is the Activated Content Watermarking Solutions – a patented, combined self-synchronizing and key-based data carrying technology that fulfills all the criteria necessary to meet today‘s copyright protection requirements:

An Activated Content Watermark is:

  • Inaudible
  • Survives all forms of compression, encryption, transmission, duplication and conversion
  • Invisible to all forms of audio analysis
  • Can not be removed without damaging the original audio

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