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SMART Communities Solutions

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SMART Communities Solutions

SMART Communities

  • Telecom IPTV
  • OTT Solution
  • Content Delivery Network Solution
  • DRM Solutions
  • Video Water Marking
  • Meta Data
  • EPG Solutions

SMART Communities Solutions

A smart community is a community that seeks to develop “smart” solutions for the community as a whole, by using information and communications technology. A smart community also promotes the use of renewable energies, integrated management, and optimized controls for infrastructure. This includes electric power, heat, water, traffic, healthcare, and lifestyle information. The CMT is helping to create smart communities that strike a balance between environmental considerations and comfortable living. We create solutions from multiple components, including energy, water, traffic, healthcare, offices, manufacturing, and households.
As world populations migrate to urban areas, city leaders are pressed to resolve the problems accompanying this shift. They must confront overcrowding, pollution, resource constraints, inadequate infrastructure, and the need for continuing economic growth. CMT Smart+Connected Communities solutions use intelligent networking capabilities to provide the information and services needed to address these challenges and create more livable cities.

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