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    Cyber security solutions in Saudi Arab

    CMT Technologies focuses on seamless solutions in AI which helps organization is in detecting Cyber threats. Focused on automated threat hunting to expose hidden and unknown cyber-attacks that actively spread inside networks using Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Machine Learning. CMT is the best Cyber security solution provider company in Saudi Arab services.

    CMT Technologies provides Red Team Testing, and Assessments testing on Vulnerability gaps for Enterprises and Organizations.

    We have exercised and deployed security solutions across Banking (BFSI), Media, Telecom, Government and Health Care sectors across the MENA Region


    Cyber security solutions in Saudi Arab services

    Cyber Defence solution

    ✔️Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

    ✔️Web, Wireless and Mobile Application Penetration Testing

    ✔️Cyber Security Learning Services

    ✔️Endpoint Security

    ✔️Endpoint Detection Response

    ✔️Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions

    ✔️Network Detection Response

    ✔️Managed Security Services (MSS), Managed Detection Response (MDR) and  Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR)

    ✔️Application Security

    ✔️Web and Email Security

    ✔️Data Security and

    ✔️DLP Solutions

    ✔️Insider Threat Detection and Behavioral Threat Analytics

    ✔️User Management and Strategic Consulting

    Network Detection Response

    Cyber Defence solution

    ✔️CMT’s AI solutions help in detecting behavioural patterns and help organizations identify the attack in their system before it happens. This is not at the prevention or capture stage but at the detection stage. It follows NDR and enhances EDR.

    ✔️Our platform provides continuous, automated threat hunting to expose hidden and unknown cyberattacks that actively spread inside networks.

    ✔️Using Artificial Intelligence for incident detection and triage in its security operations center has helped Vectra customers resolve incidents in 10 to 20 minutes, rather than hours or days.

    ✔️Extremely high fidelity in detecting threats using threat behaviours.


    24×7 SOC as a Service

    24×7 Managed Detection and Response

    Automates and streamlines SOC processes

    Adaptive Threat Response

    The focal point for Customer/Service Users

    Advanced intelligence and powerful computing are at the core of the cyber defence

    Intelligence-based threat detection

    Real-time adaptive incident response

    End-to-end service plans that fit your


    Cap-Ex decreases with multi-client set-up

    A customizable and scalable approach

    Fast deployment within a few weeks

    Cyber security Assessment

    Cyber Defence solution

    CMT Technologies Cyber Security Assessment

    ✔️Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

    ✔️Web Application Penetration Testing

    ✔️Mobile Application Security

    ✔️Configuration Review

    ✔️Physical Security



    CMT Technologies Risk and Compliance

    ✔️Internal Audit Management

    ✔️Operational Risk Management

    ✔️Policy Management

    ✔️IT Governance & Risk

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