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    Enterprise business corporate IPTV Solution

    Enterprises Businesses IPTV solution

           ✔ Fully tailored solution with unique         

           User  Interface design



                   ✔Off-the-shelf basic solution for quick              




                   ✔Casting-only solution / add on to                    

     existing system

    Cloud-based Chromecast and Airplay


    Enterprises Businesses IPTV solution

    ✔Guests can mirror or stream videos from their      

       own devices  to the in-room TV

    ✔No in-room equipment for headend or cloud          


    ✔Using hotel’s WiFi SSID, no need for guest to         


    ✔Preventing guest from linking personal                   

         content  to Chromecast

    ✔MDM-managed Apple TV

    Guest's Services

    Dining options
    Drinking Options
    Bath Items

    CMT Tablet solution

    IPTV hotels

    ✔Provided BY HOTEL to guests


    ✔Digital in-room compendium  containing all info and apps


    ✔Reserving in-room TV for watching  television, movies and screen  mirroring



    ✔Guest uses OWN device to pair with in-room TV


    ✔Use device concurrently with in-room TV using hotel wifi


    ✔No need to download app

    Seamless Integration with Smart TV’s

    iptv hotels

    1 Easy access to hotel-specific  services such as TV, VOD, folio  review, room service, facility guide  and other information services


    2 Set Top Box free solution that  supports Hospitality Smart TVs  from LG, Samsung, Philips and  Sony and Panasonic


    3 Full functionality for Mirroring for  Apple and Android Devices

    CMT IPTV Features


    Benefits of Enterprises Businesses IPTV solution

    CMT Technologies has been serving Enterprises Businesses IPTV solution with the latest technologies 

    In Middle Eats , we are enriching the Business and corporate  with modern and latest technologies including IPTV, OTT and  VOD Digital Signage.

    CMT Technologies has successfully develop design and deployed IPTV projects up to 1500 hotels room.

    There are too many benefits for the Enterprises Businesses IPTV solution for both industries including the following list.

    1 AI-based TV and building control system.

    2 Various types of advertising and digital screen

    3 Video on Demand 

    4 Live channel streaming 

    5 Customer’s choice promotional and content list

    6 Own branding with the unique UI UX designing 

    7 Online shopping system