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    Telecom & IPTV / OTT Solutions

    Today, telecommunication and mobile providers need to evolve their core businesses. They need to provide new services attracting end users. An important core asset is Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and Over-The-Top (OTT) services. IPTV allows for unifying the service infrastructure to IP. Also, user in fixed line and wireless networks can be served with IPTV or OTT streams. At the same time this allows for deploying new services for end users, such as offering TV channels for ethnic groups beyond the usual area of content distribution. All these services allow for employing new and attractive business models.

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    Broadcasting Solutions

    Leveraging our expertise in IP video, CMT Technologies develops the most complete, scalable and flexible video delivery platforms for terrestrial, cable, satellite and IPTV service providers. Our powerful systems support the most-demanding applications in the headend, including HD broadcast, digital turnaround (DTA), video-on-demand and multiscreen delivery. With a focus on open systems, CMT solutions also support the DVB standard and are fully integrated with leading conditional access systems.

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    Hospitality IPTV OTT Solutions

    Current hotel business environment is increasingly competitive. Hotel managers are constantly striving to improve guest satisfaction, while guest’s expectations for special care and personalized treatment are ever increasing. The hospitality & accommodation industry is challenged to recognize guests’ needs soon enough and fulfil these needs in the most professional manner. CMT IPTV products are the perfect choice for the hospitality industry to fulfil guests’ essential expectations and to raise its comfort and satisfaction level.

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    Education Solutions

    IPTV technologies have revolutionised the distribution of TV channels in educational environments as well. IP enabled improvements to video creation, editing and distribution related to educational TV system brings benefits to all educational premises,from pupils,education solutions, students and other learners, to campuses and dorm residents. ” Taking advantages of video as most appealing content for education. ” With the CMT IPTV products, training and accommodation experiences can be improved. Streamron IPTV Gateway and Streamron IPTV VOD are essential for training experience improvement while CMT TV is essential for improving the comfort of pupil accommodation.

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    smart education

    SMART Communities

    A smart community is a community that seeks to develop “smart” solutions for the community as a whole, by using information and communications technology. A smart community also promotes the use of renewable energies, integrated management, and optimized controls for infrastructure. This includes electric power, heat, water, traffic, healthcare, and lifestyle information. The CMT is helping to create smart communities that strike a balance between environmental considerations and comfortable living. We create solutions from multiple components, including energy, water, traffic, healthcare, offices, manufacturing, and households.

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    City Surveillance

    The IP video and network technology development provides a good foundation for advanced urban surveillance to improve social order, crack down on crimes, and protect the lives and property of citizens. Due to the large geographic coverage with thousands of cameras, installation, and provisioning, city surveillance solutions puts strong emphasis on the integration, stability and reliability of the system. Standardizing the common aspects of security operations such as monitoring, reporting, alarm management and configuration within a single intuitive platform helps organizations become more productive, while minimizing operational costs. This is why we pioneered a unified security platform, Security Center. Here are a few key platform benefits:

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    Application Development for Multiscreen

    The growing demand from users to watch videos and listen music anytime, anywhere on multiscreens, has led to an urge to be able to deliver applications truly multi-platforms. Despite this growing demand, Application Development for Multiscreen Solutions is very problematic, as the majority of developers do not have the specific knowledge on how to cope with a very fragment device market. Since the year 2009 CMT has focused its strategy on helping customers in the creation of Multiscreen and Over The Top (OTT) solutions for the majority of devices on the market such as Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs and Consoles.

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    Content Watermarking

    Music, film and video piracy is a multi-billion dollar problem that undermines the growth of new models for offering entertainment to consumers and harms all participants in the global entertainment industry. Modern digital formats employed for sale or rental of commercial audio and video content to consumers-such as DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, and iTunes-incorporate content protection technologies that control access to and use of the content and limit its unauthorized copying and redistribution. Parties seeking to engage in unauthorized distribution and copying of protected commercial music or video content must circumvent the content protection to obtain a decrypted copy of the content. Once a decrypted copy of the content is obtained, the content protection technology is no longer effective at governing access to it and the decrypted content may be subject to unlimited use, copying, and redistribution.

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