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Application Development for Multiscreen

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Application Development for Multiscreen Solutions

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Application Development for Multiscreen Solutions

The growing demand from users to watch videos and listen music anytime, anywhere on multiscreens, has led to an urge to be able to deliver applications truly multi-platforms. Despite this growing demand, Application Development for Multiscreen Solutions is very problematic, as the majority of developers do not have the specific knowledge on how to cope with a very fragment device market.
Since the year 2009 CMT has focused its strategy on helping customers in the creation of Multiscreen and Over The Top (OTT) solutions for the majority of devices on the market such as Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs and Consoles.
CMT offers specific know how and a fully equipped test lab with an extensive range of devices where dedicated testers make sure applications are proven during all life cycle.
Multiscreen is now about taking a single application and developing it for multiple interfaces – one for each screen type: smartphone, tablet, desktop, and television. It’s not an all-in-one app, it’s one app with many views. The basic app is packaged and released with templates and additional features specific to each screen. The final result can be a single app with multiple views… or many apps built from the same base app.

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